The long white cloud is ready for business action in New Zealand. We’ve jumped four places to rank as number two in the Cloud Readiness Index 2014, recording a large improvement in the last year in creating a pro-business cloud environment. Number one ranking is held by Japan while Australia takes out number three.

Created by the Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA), the 2014 Index noted that a common factor creating an improvement in cloud readiness is an overreaching ICT and cloud policy plan. Singled out for praise was the New Zealand government’s focus on building out its ICT Strategy and Action Plan 2017 as being vital to creating a pro-cloud environment for businesses.

This news enhances our standing in the global technology landscape. Our ability to harness the power of the cloud has a direct correlation to better business productivity. That equals economic growth. Technology and the cloud are key enablers and drivers of growth for the Land of the Long White Cloud. They also operate 24/7, cancelling out our geographical remoteness.

In order to capitalise on the promise of cloud computing, we need the right technology infrastructure. Our international bandwidth is a key need. Our ability to compete on the world stage is increasingly dependent on the information technology sector. Everything that ClearPoint has built recently is cloud-ready, including software development projects for Anaplan, Triplejump and the new Event Management Solution for GlobalDairyTrade (GDT).

About the Cloud Readiness Index

In compiling the annual Cloud Readiness Index, the Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA) annually assesses countries against ten indicators: privacy, data sovereignty, international connectivity, broadband quality, government regulatory environment and usage, power grid and green policy, intellectual property protection, business sophistication, data centre risk and freedom of information access.