Following a disrupted 2020, we were proud to sponsor and host the first Tech for Good NZ event for 2021 on 15th of June. There was an awesome turnout by the community to network and listen to the inspiring speakers on ‘Putting purpose at your core’.

Following a welcome by Paul Scott, ClearPoint’s Head of Partnerships, Platforms and Marketing, we heard from keynote speaker Guillaume Dehan who shared his inspiring story of creating fintech Supergenerous – an idea that gained momentum when meeting his business partner at the first Tech for Good NZ event 3 years ago. Supergenerous put purpose and co-design at the core of how they operate to build Zebra’s not unicorns, profit and purpose leading to meaningful outcomes.

Next up we had a panel discussion facilitated by Kate Thomas of Spark Foundation. The panel consisted of Guillaume Dehan (Supergenerous), Edwina Mistry (CreateOps), Rod Snodgrass (The Exponential Agency) and Katharine Broughton (Tomorrow Inc). There was discussion on how purpose and business can work hand in hand, and how we can start to contribute to this. From big corporates, to not for profits and start-ups, making sure there is a true purpose to scale and be profitable is important and this purpose should be integrated into how you operate, your people and what you do. A challenge from the audience was, while we all want to do more purposeful work most of us have bills to pay and mouths to feed. The common answer from the panel was to start small, just do a little bit and as time and resources allow you will eventually be able to increase this and make the difference you want to.

You can watch a video of the full event below:



When Tech for Good NZ launched in Auckland three years ago, the goal was to build a community and network, connecting different people, sectors, industries, driving collaboration and meaningful change and impact. We at ClearPoint are proud to support the tech community and play an integral part in enable Tech for Good NZ to reach their goals to create meaningful change and impact.

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