Digital Design

Transform your innovative ideas into reality.

Our rapid digital design and innovation offerings can help you get an idea out to market quickly, find new ways to engage customers, or take a new product or feature to market in a short timeframe.

Product & Platform Design - CX/UX

Are you struggling to design and build the right features for your products?

ClearPoint specialises in the design and build of digital products and platforms. We believe that product requirements don’t just come from business stakeholders, they come from users and customers. We are obsessed by the user experience and our UX/CX specialists can help you define what’s right for your customers.



Rapid Prototyping

ClearPoints full lifecycle ability to do digital strategy, ideation, and design mixed with our deep engineering skills make us an ideal partner for Rapid Prototyping.

Rapid Prototyping is the production of working code for the purposes of demonstration, market validation and most importantly end-user feedback.

At Clearpoint, we design prototypes that form the basis for future production-ready solutions.

We will often tackle ‘architecture spikes’ within our rapid prototyping, so we know for certain that key functions can be achieved – therefore de-risking the subsequent implementation for our clients.

Innovation workshops

An innovation workshop will help you uncover new pathways for any focus area within your business. That might be discovering a new process, customer journey, optimising a product or just exploring ideas with your teams or customers.

This workshop, or series of workshops, will deep dive into your business or customer challenge. We will establish the pain points, map the journeys and vision the outcomes. Then we can work through prioritisation and a roadmap to bring it to life.


A hackathon is a design event, traditionally used in software development, but it is increasingly being applied to non-software ideas and business opportunities to innovate and solve problems quickly.

It is a sprint like session that can last between one day or up to a week, is based around a theme or customer problem like improving a product feature, AI or machine learning, or a new technology process.

We can help facilitate different style hackathons dependant on the outcomes you need:

Innovation Labs
Bringing people together to work on disruptive ideas to solve challenges or invite developers from outside your organisation to bring a fresh perspective.

New technology
Experiment with cool new technology and motivate the team to learn something new.

Use the process to invite candidates to participate and observe them working as part of a team during the recruitment process.

Problem Solving
Bringing people together to generate ideas and develop new solutions to solve social or organisational problems

Why ClearPoint

We find your perfect intersection between agility, product, data and technologies to create world-class customer experiences.

We build and manage complex digital products and platforms, and are the leaders in DevOps and CI/CD in NZ.

We coach teams to become expert at business agility to deliver faster and safer.

We have an unmatched network of exceptional talent you can draw upon to innovate and deliver.

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