Digital Transformation

We help businesses navigate and engineer their digital futures.

We can help you identify the perfect intersection between agility approaches, optimised products and data, and best practice technologies to design and deliver world-class experiences for your customers.

Digital Strategy

Digital disruption is not about technology itself, rather it’s the response to shifting consumer behaviour and the market you compete in.

ClearPoint can help your business find out whats possible – you might not be building what the customer wants, you may not be delivering quick enough or your quality and performance of your systems are letting you down.

ClearPoint can run a digital capability assessment to unpack a strategy that will accelerate your business and capabilities.

  • Organisational objectives
  • Agility
  • Culture
  • Product
  • Data
  • Technology
ClearPoint Digital Acceleration

Business Agility

Agile ways of working are native to our DNA at ClearPoint.  We have an embedded agile approach which is naturally applied to all our projects – from our digital strategy initiatives through to software engineering and product design.

We are an experienced team of agile practitioners and player-coaches with a deep understanding of Agile Methodologies, User Centred Design and Lean. We take a hands-on approach and have a variety of services that can help your business or team succeed.

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Maturity Assessments & Roadmaps

We can help businesses, digital and technology teams undertake a maturity assessment of your architecture, the technology platforms and ways in which the teams are working to help target the right areas of focus for your transformation journey.

Why ClearPoint

We find your perfect intersection between agility, product, data and technologies to create world-class customer experiences.

We build and manage complex digital products and platforms, and are the leaders in DevOps and CI/CD in NZ.

We coach teams to become expert at business agility to deliver faster and safer.

We have an unmatched network of exceptional talent you can draw upon to innovate and deliver.

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