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Our Talent Search & Experience team can guide you through your ClearPoint journey and support you to find a sense of belonging not only within our business, but also in the tech community.

We thrive to create a workplace for like-minded and skilled operators in an environment where we thrive on innovation and shared learning. We are always looking for enthusiastic and experienced people to join our team.

View our current opportunities, or if you don’t find one that suits you, submit your profile to our Talent Search & Experience team.


“I’ve expanded my knowledge a lot in how to self-improve outside my development area. I’m always learning at ClearPoint and always developing myself.”

Barbara Hamde, Front End Developer

If you are looking for the best people to help you scale, we can resource your business by providing squads, tribes and talent.


“The leadership that we show from all aspects through governance, analysis and how we work as a team really drives our clients success.”

Fletcher Thomas, Senior Business Analyst

“We have some great events here at ClearPoint from mid winter Christmas dinners down to pot luck international lunches – it’s really cool to have such a good social environment”

Cheryl Dwyer, Head of Operations