About Us

About us

ClearPoint is your trusted and inspiring
digital and technology partner 

Unlocking the potential of technology together

For over 15 years, ClearPoint has helped organisations succeed in a continually changing digital landscape. ClearPoint is a trusted technology partner combining digital design, software and platform engineering, data and insights, artificial intelligence, and consulting services to help organisations adapt to change. We embrace an AI-first mindset, constantly exploring how AI can be leveraged to drive innovation, efficiency, and transformative solutions that meet your unique needs.

We pride ourselves on forming transformational collaborative partnerships that maximise value, deliver results and make a lasting impact through great outcomes and capability uplift. We engage in a flexible manner, with a pragmatic approach tailored to meet your needs and provide true value. Through innovative thinking, we strive to make a difference for ourselves, our teams, our clients and our community.

We care deeply about our clients and the goals they want to achieve. Our name represents our aim to provide clarity and point towards the most effective solution in any given context, helping our clients make sense of what they have. We work together to unlock the potential of technology and leverage that potential into your business.

Our values

Respect and Care for People

We respect and care for our people by showing trust, humility and kindness as we work together and share in thought leadership.

Act with Integrity

We act with integrity in everything we do by ensuring we show honesty and consideration through our work and interactions.

Earn and Nurture Trust

We aim to earn and nurture trust within our team, clients and community through great innovation and reliability.

Working with ClearPoint

ClearPoint is more than a technology and digital services provider – what we do and how we do it defines us. Our strength is our people, and we pride ourselves in our high-quality outcome-focused professionals who enhance your business and upskill your people. Whatever your objectives, ClearPoint can provide the enterprise-quality skills you need to deliver world-class digital experiences  powered by AI.

Our team offers an exceptional range of capabilities that enable excellent outcomes, working with or alongside your teams to increase velocity and help you meet your goals. You can confidently rely on our expertise and advice, knowing you're working with the best people in the industry. 

We work to add value by looking for opportunities to uplift capabilities in your people, transition knowledge and embed new ways of working to improve personal, team and organisational performance. Our people seamlessly integrate into your business to deliver results your customers will love, leveraging AI where appropriate to enhance outcomes.   

As your needs change, we have the right set of skills and depth of experience to keep you moving. Your ClearPoint team will always have the correct number of people in the right roles for the right time. Whether you need an entire outcomes-focused team to get the job done or one talented resource to fill a gap in your team, our people enable you to meet your goals.


How we engage

We deliver great digital experiences, and we do this through the heart of our business: our people. Regardless of which structure is right for you, we consistently provide high-quality outcomes, incorporating AI where it adds value and aligns with our AI-first approach.


ClearPoint team

A ClearPoint team is an independent, self-contained team that works alongside your people, but within your business, to get the job done.

Hybrid team

A Hybrid Team combines the right people from ClearPoint with your people to work together as one super team.

Individual talent

An individual ClearPoint resource will provide the expert help you need when needed. We can provide talented resources to fill a gap in your team. 

Managed services

We can support and manage your technology and platform environments as and when required.

Our people

Why ClearPoint

Inspiring outcomes

We help our clients make sense of what they have and take action to unlock potential and drive continuous growth and innovation.

Meaningful partnership

We value genuine partnerships with our clients, partners, staff and wider networks that work towards making a meaningful difference.

Authentic service

We are committed to providing authentic guidance and service in how we deliver and engage with our clients and community.

Shared knowledge

We pride ourselves in sharing knowledge that uplifts capability and leaves our clients in a better place to move forward with confidence.

Empower your digital journey