Success through Design & Engineering Together

Closer collaboration between designers and engineers leads to faster delivery and more meaningful digital experiences.

Why is the process so painful?

To achieve success in digital channels, businesses need to deliver software in ways that are rapid, efficient, and aligned with their customers’ needs. A proven approach to achieving this mission is establishing balanced product teams – engineers, designers, and product managers working together in an agile manner. But sometimes they each have vastly different ways of working that get in the way of rapid, effective progress. 

Find out about the common pitfalls of a dysfunctional design and engineering process, and how to work more collaboratively here.

What does a high-functioning design + engineering team look like?

Establishing a single team that is both designing and engineering on the same project, fully functioning and collaborating together, sounds easier than it is. For this to work, they really need to be ‘re-forged’ in a new way of working.

Find out how we approach this as one team working on solving the same problem together.

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Understand the common pitfalls of design and engineering working together on software projects; and how to build more collaborative, closer teams for better outcomes. 


Our Dual Track Approach

We employ Dual Track Agile which is a tried and tested method for Design and Engineering workflows to integrate and work together as one team. The method ensures that there is space to resolve solutions to a point of sign off so there is certainty for development, reducing rework and increasing delivery speed.

The Engineering track can then continue a smooth delivery cycle with clear scope to work with.

Why ClearPoint

We combine the right platforms, with the best design and engineering expertise, to deliver innovative digital solutions.

We are the leaders in DevOps and Continuous Delivery in NZ, having implemented some of the most complex DevOps transformations.

We increase the velocity within your teams through our individual talent, hybrid and ClearPoint teams that will increase your capability, when you need it.

Exceptional technical leadership that you can draw upon to innovate and deliver faster and safer.

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