Mobile App Development

Building consistently beautiful user experiences across platforms, fast

ClearPoint is using Google's Flutter mobile framework to build high quality, lightning-fast native iOS and Android apps.

Native Apps for IOS & Android

Get your mobile apps out to market quicker. 

When we develop using Flutter, we use a single codebase to target both iOS and Android platforms. This saves your business time and money, and ensures your customers get a beautiful user experience.

By building your app using Flutter, we deliver your customers a complete iOS or Android experience, with platform specific UI when needed. So regardless of your customers’ mobile platform, your app looks and feels the same. Any new features are rolled out together, so iOS and Android will always be in sync and ongoing.

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How to build lightning-fast native iOS and Android apps using Flutter.


Combined lifecycles

Fast iterations and feedback loops ensures we are building the best.

By using Flutter’s combined lifecycle approach, we increase development speed as decisions are tested concurrently across both your Android and iOS applications. Instead of needing to employ two separate platform teams, a single ClearPoint team can efficiently design and develop a great customer experience for mobile, web and desktop.  

Combined lifecycles in Flutter guarantee consistency across both your Android and iOS applications. With Flutter, the engineering time required to address any bug is fast and efficient—requiring only one fix, one time.

A modernised approach to app development

The future of app development is here.

Flutter boasts an amazing development experience, with tools designed to make mobile app development fast, extensible and efficient.  This highly productive app development workflow helps us deliver your projects faster, without compromising on quality. Flutter app development is becoming our first choice for creating powerful, mobile-first user experiences for your customers.

It builds upon Googles’ own programming language—Dart, a flexible and safer alternative to JavaScript.  It sits between JavaScript, TypeScript Java and C# and leverages a powerful toolchain, so we can deliver mobile apps in NZ in record time, and at scale.

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Why ClearPoint

We combine the right platforms, with the best design and engineering expertise, to deliver innovative digital solutions.

We are the leaders in DevOps and Continuous Delivery in NZ, having implemented some of the most complex DevOps transformations.

We increase the velocity within your teams through our individual talent, hybrid and ClearPoint teams that will increase your capability, when you need it.

Exceptional technical leadership that you can draw upon to innovate and deliver faster and safer.

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