Consulting and Digital Services

Consulting and
Digital Services

Strategic advice to gain a competitive edge
in a digital-first world and enable tangible business value

We empower you to drive sustainable business value and make educated decisions through strategic guidance and pragmatic recommendations.


With a combination of technology and business knowledge expertise, our end-to-end Consulting and Digital Services help you navigate the complexities of the digital landscape. We work with you to tailor pragmatic strategies and solutions for your business that will escalate value and drive transformative results.

AI is at the forefront of digital innovation, enabling businesses to create smarter, more adaptive, and more engaging digital products and services. Our team collaborates with you to identify opportunities for AI-driven innovation to differentiate your offerings and stay ahead of the competition.

Our approach combines strategic guidance, innovative thinking and technical expertise with a deep understanding of your business. We help you understand the connection between culture, technology, practices and leadership to gain a business-wide view of how it all comes together.

Areas of expertise

Digital Advisory

Drive significant strategic outcomes for your business in an evolving digital environment with an aligned and realistic digital and technology plan.


Improve the pace, quality and security of your digital software delivery through DevSecOps methodologies and capability reviews. 

Service Design

Envision opportunities for optimisation and innovation in your business to deliver exceptional digital experiences at every touchpoint.

Technical Due Diligence

Gain critical technical insights to inform your acquisition or capital investment decisions by evaluating technological maturity and architecture.

Operational Excellence

Adapt to changing market demands, operational risks and new regulations with efficient and cost-effective business optimisation.

Digital Professional Services

Increase ROI, prevent rework and accelerate success through value-driven support and product management that aligns with business goals.

CRM Services

Enable your teams to deliver relevant customer experiences that foster deeper connections and drive sustainable growth.


Elevate your technology architecture to ensure it is not just an enabler but a driver for your success. 

Your complete consulting and digital services partner

As your consulting and digital services partner, we will guide you through every stage of your digital journey. With our broad technology and business knowledge and extensive range of digital services, we provide actionable, cost-effective support tailored to your business and aligned with your overarching business strategy. We look for opportunities to uplift capabilities in your people and embed new ways of working to improve personal, team and organisational performance.

As we integrate AI initiatives into your digital roadmap, we prioritise responsible AI practices. We ensure that AI is used ethically, transparently, and in a way that promotes trust and fairness. Our AI governance framework helps you navigate the complex ethical and regulatory landscape, mitigating risks and ensuring that your AI implementations align with your values and stakeholder expectations.

We start with discovery and a series of fact-finding exercises, including workshops and assessment frameworks to understand the business and digital strategy, key stakeholders and current state architecture. By determining the challenges and opportunities in your business, ClearPoint will provide tangible, affordable and realistic recommendations that drive your business towards an achievable future state. ClearPoint can then enable you on your journey by providing hands-on experience and wrap-around support, as needed.

Empower your digital journey