Financial Services

Financial Services

Thrive in a shifting financial and banking landscape with
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Your complete financial services partner

Transform your products and services with modern technology and customer-centric solutions. As the financial landscape evolves and becomes more complex, we're here to help you navigate the changes and deliver competitive and effective customer solutions.

Over a decade of working with banking, investment and wealth management, and insurance organisations has given us a comprehensive understanding of the financial services industry.

We understand the unique challenges and landscape of the financial sector. When you partner with us, our highly-skilled people will help you push your products and services to the next level of innovation. 

Challenges and opportunities

  • Customer experience
  • Regulatory and compliance
  • Legacy technology
  • Core banking
Customer experience

Innovative digital solutions and technology changes are revolutionising the banking and financial services industry. Contemporary operators in the financial market can innovate quickly and provide new experiences in their digital channels. These alternative financial and banking options are changing customer expectations, with the need for innovative, flexible and safe online experiences at its core.  

Whether you’re looking to design and build human-centred digital experiences and applications or modernise technology stacks, ClearPoint can help you delight your users and improve your ability to respond to customer and competitor pressures.



Software Engineering
Experience and Design
Regulatory and compliance

The complex financial regulatory landscape places constant pressure and demands on compliance teams, systems, processes and technologies. Regulatory pressure will continue to increase as customer expectations change, more digital disruptors enter the market and banking and financial institutions come under closer scrutiny. 

We can support you by providing teams or people to enhance and maintain your tech stack without compromising any compliance, security or regulatory requirements. Leverage our expertise in DevSecOps to improve the speed of change you can make in your legacy core applications while doing that safely without introducing additional risks to systems. 



Software Engineering
Platforms and Cloud
Legacy technology

The need to modernise technology stacks is a core part of business strategy and digital transformation programmes in today's landscape. Modernising legacy systems and reducing technical debt will enable you to pivot faster, reduce security risks, improve operations and respond to the constantly changing landscape of growing customer expectations, regulatory complexity, and technology-enabled innovation. 

We provide enterprise-level engineering and solutions that will accelerate your time-to-market for ground-breaking financial products, including creating apps your customers will love. Find practical ways to leverage new technologies and pragmatic strategy to overcome data integration challenges and implement event-driven architecture solutions, resulting in a unified data view, improved performance and enhanced compliance.



Software Engineering
Consulting and Digital Services
Core banking

Core banking is the backbone system that centralises and processes banking transactions across the various areas of the bank. It empowers customers to have greater freedom and flexibility with their accounts and enables safer, faster and less burdensome transactions from anywhere in the world. For banking institutions, this is becoming the new normal with a desire to have full control over their systems and products. 

As New Zealand's only local services company with hands-on experience with Thought Machine and Vault, we can leverage core banking into New Zealand, Australian and Asia-Pacific banks. We will outline key product specifications and provide best-practice engineering to enable a successful implementation that seamlessly integrates within the wider technology ecosystem.



Platforms and Cloud
Software Engineering
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