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Data and Insights

Empower your business with data-driven decision-making
through functional data strategy enabled by modern data platforms

We enable you to uncover the right insights to drive growth and proactive action through pragmatic data enablement, modern data platforms and AI-powered analytics.


Data-driven insights are essential for businesses to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition. A well-implemented and supported data strategy, alongside modern data architecture leveraging AI capability will enable your business to leverage the right data to drive growth, improve efficiency, and innovate.

At ClearPoint, we help you achieve your data modernisation goals with an approach that aligns your needs, capabilities, and budget. Whether you require a secure data platform, robust governance or real-time quality reporting, our data engineers and consultants work to unlock the potential of your data.

Areas of expertise

Data Enablement and Governance

Improve data quality and enhance decision-making with robust data governance and the implementation of best practice data enablement.

Data Platforms

Embrace scalable and flexible modern data platforms through a pragmatic approach to gain actionable insights and remove data silos.

Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics

Unlock the power of your data like never before with AI-powered advanced analytics and intuitive business intelligence.

Your complete data and insights partner

As your data and insights partner, we can help you gain a better understanding of your current data capabilities and build out a roadmap for achieving your data-driven objectives. Collaborating with you to conduct workshops with technical and business users, we gather requirements and data profiling so we can advise you on the best technical architecture and solutions needed to build your modern data platforms. Our team of experienced consultants can then provide expert guidance and support for implementing and maintaining your data solutions. 

Working in partnership with you we can conduct cost and feature evaluations on different platforms and tools, implement end-to-end data and analytics solutions, design and implement data governance frameworks and provide long-term support. The goal is to create a data-driven culture within your business that enables employees at all levels to use data effectively to inform their decisions and drive business outcomes.

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