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Navigate and succeed in the rapidly evolving retail landscape with in-demand customer experiences, integrated omnichannel solutions, data-driven decision-making, and secure data management. 

ClearPoint has over a decade of experience advancing the relationships between our retail clients and their shoppers. New Zealand's most progressive organisations in the industry trust us to help them deliver world-class retail experiences.

Our experts provide strategy, skills and technology to push your business forward. Meet customer demands with innovative digital solutions and prepare for the future with modern technology.

Challenges and opportunities

  • Customer experience
  • Omnichannel retail
  • Data-driven decision-making
  • Data security and privacy
Customer experience

Focusing on customer experience and loyalty is critical to meet constantly changing demands in the retail industry. Customer expectations and shopping behaviours have shifted significantly, and it is more competitive than ever to hold the loyalty of customers.

To deliver the retail experiences demanded today and establish customer loyalty, businesses need strong technology foundations, a clear strategy, strong CX practices and aligned business functions. We can help you to define the role of your digital products as part of a connected user experience and work as cross-functional teams to deliver true customer-centric experiences.


Experience and Design
Platforms and Cloud

Omnichannel retail

In today's retail market, consumers decide how to engage and shop with you. The gap between online and offline shopping is narrowing, with E-commerce adoption increasing and online experiences changing consumers' expectations. The right technology, excellent customer experiences and aligned capabilities are crucial to growing omnichannel experiences that work for your customers and retail goals. 

We can help you tailor and integrate your digital touchpoints to enhance your customers’ experience across the full retail landscape. Empower your shoppers with choice, convenience, personalised interactions and better ways to order and shop.

Experience and Design
Software Engineering
Platforms and Cloud

Data-driven decision-making

Data is crucial in making the right decisions in a rapidly changing retail landscape. Understanding your customer needs, expectations, and pain points to remain competitive relies on data-driven insights that guide decision-making beyond product range and pricing. Relevant and accurate data can impact supply chain management, channel development, demand management, customer interaction management and help you pivot faster.

There is a growing opportunity for AI to be leveraged as a business innovator to streamline processes and provide insights to enhance customer engagement. We can support you with the right approach to collect, manage and take advantage of data and technology to better serve your customers and suppliers.  

Data and Insights
Software Engineering

Data security and privacy

The possibility of data security breaches is faced by all online businesses across numerous industries. Retail is no exception as shopping shifts online and omnichannel experiences continue to grow. Personalisation and loyalty rely heavily on customer data, and privacy remaining secure. Protect your business and customer information from threats and create a safe and secure environment for e-commerce and online shopping experiences. We can support you to integrate proven security technologies and practices to protect your digital assets and customer data against cyber threats. 

Software Engineering
Platforms and Cloud

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