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ClearPoint’s opinion on leading
technology and digital trends

In the ever-changing world of design, technology & platform trends, ClearPoint invests significant time in not only researching leading tools, techniques & approaches, but also trialling, assessing and implementing these for our customers.

The ClearPoint Tech Radar shares our insights, expertise and opinion on technology that is emerging or becoming prevalent or outdated in the industry landscape. We tell you what you need to know to stay relevant and make decisions that will stand the test of time.

The ClearPoint Tech Radar monitors new trends in tools, techniques, platforms, frameworks & software languages. The Radar is not a superset of all things in the tech landscape but rather it focuses on the trends of what is changing in the market. Beyond the scope of the Radar, ClearPoint uses a range of industry standard technologies with our clients, for example the likes of Java, .Net, Kubernetes, Kafka and many more.

These technology components are constantly in motion with their position on the radar changing as we monitor and gain increased confidence in their use in the market. 

The rings indicate what stage of the adoption lifecycle they should be.



For particular use cases, these are mature for use. ClearPoint has extensive experience in their use across a range of clients.


Ready for use although may not be completely proven. ClearPoint has experience in successfully deploying to production.


Promising and worth exploring but not necessarily ready to trial unless a particularly good fit.


These shouldn’t be used moving forward for new initiatives and avoid further investment till mature.

ClearPoint Tech Radar

The ClearPoint Tech Radar is based on the internationally recognised methodology of the ThoughtWorks Radar which is an outlined approach and templated framework for observing innovation and themes in the market.

The Tech Radar content is purely the opinion of ClearPoint and does not constitute advice. Organisations should do their due diligence before selecting or using any technology or tools.

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