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As the pressure increases to reduce legacy tech, transition to Cloud, streamline, and automate in order to spend less and operate more efficiently, governments and public sector organisations need new ways to achieve long-term sustainability and deliver the experiences and services citizens demand. We can help you surface and realise the benefits of emerging technologies, new methodologies, and ways of working that will enable you to respond to these pressures and deliver value to the communities that you serve.

We understand the complex pressures and changing political landscape in which the Government and public sector entities operate. Our goal is to help you harness the power of modern and emerging digital technology to modernise and transform the public service, to put people and businesses at the centre of government services.

As an approved NZ AoG Marketplace supplier, we understand public sector supplier and engagement processes, operating models, and procurement. We can work with you and other partners to enhance capabilities, maximise efficiency and provide better services to the public.

Challenges and opportunities

  • Technical debt
  • Accelerating digital
  • Operational efficiency
Technical debt

Legacy systems and technical debt can impact the resilience, efficiency, and security of public services. Our accomplished team, who have deep experience in Government and the wider public sector, can safely help your agency accelerate legacy workloads into the Cloud, transform applications, eliminate code debt, re-architect infrastructure, and protect core legacy systems.

We will partner with your agency to drive the strategic and tactical decrease of pains caused by legacy IT and technical debt. We can work with you to deliver powerful digital transformation and transition you to the low-code, software-as-a-service digital age to accelerate efficiency and reduce costs.



Software Engineering
Platforms and Cloud
Accelerating digital

Enhance the success of your initiatives while lowering risks and getting more from your budget through lifting your digital maturity. We can provide strategic advice on leveraging the right solutions and approaches so you can move forward with confidence. Connect the dots between your teams, partners and existing vendor relationships to ensure you take an aligned approach to accelerating digital, that meets the needs and objectives of all.

Our consultative approach means you can draw on our expertise and experience to empower your teams with fresh perspectives, knowledge and capabilities. Our goal is to help you navigate the digital age successfully, unlocking new opportunities and creating a roadmap for your digital future.



Experience and Design
Consulting and Digital Services
Operational efficiency

Achieve greater results and maximise cost savings by utilising new technologies and approaches that enable greater automation, so your teams can do more with less. We can work alongside you to identify opportunities that improve efficiencies and transform how you work, so you can deliver better services to citizens at a reduced cost.

Our experts can guide your teams to simplify and document your current processes, select and implement the right technologies and deliver changes to achieve operational efficiency, ensure continuous improvement and adapt in the future as needed.



Consulting and Digital Services
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Why ClearPoint

Inspiring outcomes

We help our clients make sense of what they have and take action to unlock potential and drive continuous growth and innovation. 

Meaningful partnership

We value genuine partnerships with our clients, partners, staff and wider networks that work towards making a meaningful difference. 

Authentic service

We are committed to providing authentic guidance and service in how we deliver and engage with our clients and community. 

Shared knowledge

We pride ourselves in sharing knowledge that uplifts capability and leaves our clients in a better place to move forward with confidence.

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