Software Engineering


Empowering your technology journey with agile and
innovative software engineering services

We deliver high-quality, innovative software solutions that drive automation and leverage modern engineering, an outcome-oriented mindset, with the strategic use of AI and large language models, where appropriate.


ClearPoint prides itself on delivering a comprehensive range of software engineering services that empower businesses to respond to change, remain competitive, achieve their goals and serve customers in new and innovative ways. 

Software engineering is at the core of our DNA. We work with your business, focusing on your desired outcomes and utilise best in class engineering approaches that adapts to change faster whilst maintaining a high level of quality through automation and safer DevSecOps practices.

At ClearPoint, we have an AI-first mindset. When approaching any problem, one of our first considerations is how AI can help us solve it more efficiently or even prevent it altogether. By thinking about AI at a strategic level, we unlock new possibilities for innovation and value creation.

AI is also revolutionising the way our engineers work. From automating mundane tasks to providing intelligent code reviews and adding value throughout the software lifecycle. AI enables our engineers to focus on solving complex problems and delivering value faster. Our Engineers, DevOps and Cloud experts will work closely with your teams as we rapidly move from ideas and prototypes into working software. We'll uplift and empower your people with new skill sets, knowledge, and capabilities along the way.

Areas of expertise

Application Development

Deliver innovative digital solutions with a combination of the right technologies, together with the best design and engineering expertise.

Quality Assurance

Enhance and optimise your software development and delivery with a quality assurance and test automation strategy tailored to your business needs.

DevOps and DevSecOps

Achieve faster and safer software delivery by including DevOps and DevSecOps methodologies in your development lifecycle.

App Modernisation

Accelerate your path to innovation, realise business benefits faster and reduce risk with a strategic approach to modernising your applications.


Enable faster, smarter and safer customer interactions with a modern integration approach that connects your new technologies and legacy systems.

Cloud Enablement

Accelerate your digital future in the cloud and deliver digital services that are faster, scalable and more resilient.

AI and LLM

Leverage AI and Large Language Models (LLM) as a business innovator to streamline processes and provide insights to enhance customer engagement.

Your complete software engineering partner

ClearPoint is at the forefront of technology innovation and has a long history of expertise, thought leadership and staying ahead of the game. Software engineering is at the core of what we do, and we offer an extensive range of services across the technology landscape.

Our collaborative approach not only fosters trust but establishes us as a reliable technology partner, backed by a team of exceptional technologists who are leaders in their respective fields. We're moving towards a future where AI-enabled hybrid teams, consisting of human engineers and AI agents, working side by side. Our engineers collaborate with AI tools to enhance productivity, code quality, and problem-solving capabilities, leveraging the strengths of both human expertise and artificial intelligence.

We'll work closely with you to understand your requirements, define solutions and the ClearPoint expertise needed to deliver. We engage in a flexible manager, with a pragmatic approach tailored to meet your needs and provide true value. You may need an entire engineering team, a hybrid model, or one software engineer. Either way, our involvement will uplift your team by increasing their confidence and capabilities - which is what we enjoy most about working with our clients.

Empower your digital journey