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Delight and empower customers with extraordinary
products and services reimagined through customer-centric research and design

We create purpose-driven digital experiences through direct research, innovative product visioning and human-centred design. 


ClearPoint can help your teams gain empathy and a deep understanding of your customer's unmet needs and pain points, to ensure solutions solve their problems, increase engagement, and drive sales that launch your brand ahead of the competition. 

Using Human-Centred Design methodologies, we design, prototype and rapidly iterate new experiences that are easy to use, remove uncertainty, ease friction and guarantee successful digital investment. Our highly collaborative approach empowers your teams to solve problems, deliver to market quickly and meet future customer demand with insights and solutions designed with purpose.

When designing AI-powered experiences, establishing trust is crucial. We focus on four key components of trust: competence, benevolence, integrity, and charisma. By addressing these pillars, we create AI solutions that users can rely on and engage with confidently.

Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, we have the design and delivery expertise to help you unlock the potential of your products and services.

Areas of expertise

Customer Research and
Experience Strategy

Gain in-depth understanding and strategic insights through tailored CX research and product concept validation to drive real business results. 

Product and Service

Visualise and identify opportunities for aspirational innovation through tangible and interactive prototypes with a supporting roadmap for delivery. 

Experience Design
and Build

Design and deliver innovative and interactive digital products that provide fast, frictionless and meaningful experiences for customers and staff.

Success through Design and Engineering

Understand the common pitfalls of design and engineering working together on software projects; and how to build more collaborative, closer teams for better outcomes.

What's inside?

  • The problem: why is the process so painful?
  • What are the common pain points?
  • What is to be gained by working together?
  • What does a functional team look like?
  • How do we measure success?
  • Achieving lean, meaningful MVPs

Your trusted design partner

We believe in sharing knowledge, upskilling and empowering you to deliver exceptional customer experience solutions now and in the future. From small startups to large enterprises we help digital leaders unlock the potential of their products and services.

Whether you need assistance for short-term projects or long-term engagements, ClearPoint can extend and support your experience and design teams. We provide fast and adaptive support and consulting services across CX strategy and research, service design, UX/UI, product innovation and interaction design. 

While we embrace AI as a powerful tool for enhancing digital experiences, we also recognize the importance of human creativity and judgement. Our approach balances AI automation with the expertise and intuition of our designers, strategists, and domain experts. We leverage AI to augment and accelerate our creative process, not replace it.

Our senior designers and strategists, well-versed in leveraging AI for design, seamlessly integrate with your daily operations, helping to bridge gaps in resources and support your teams. We believe design is a team endeavour and collaboration is the cornerstone of our partnership. By working with our senior experts, we facilitate a valuable exchange of knowledge and skills, uplifting and enhancing the capabilities of your team.

Empower your digital journey