Transforming Fund Administration for the Digital Era

Transforming Fund Administration for the Digital Era

Customer story

Investment Administration

ClearPoint partnered with a leading New Zealand investment administration firm to drive a technology transformation. Through collaborative squads, cloud adoption, and modern engineering practices, ClearPoint helped align the client's technology with their service vision. The engagement ignited an innovation-oriented culture, positioning the client for customer-centric growth in the digital era.

ClearPoint was proud to support a leading New Zealand-based investment administration firm that provides legislative compliance and reporting services to the financial sector. Their proprietary technology is designed specifically to meet the requirements of the NZ investment management industry. With a clear vision to be service-driven and technology-enabled, they manage day-to-day administration for thousands of investors.


The driving force


The client's vision was to be a service-driven organisation, enabled by modern, scalable technology. The client was managing a growing volume of data and needed to transition away from legacy systems to support their digital transformation goals. They required a technology partner to assess their capabilities, identify areas for improvement, and implement modern engineering practices that could scale with their growth.


With ambitious growth goals and responsibility for the administration needs of thousands of Kiwi investors, we needed technology that could make transactions simple and frictionless around the clock."

- Client's Chief Product and Technology Officer


The approach


ClearPoint began by conducting a comprehensive DevOps assessment to establish a baseline of the client's practices, skills, and technical debt. The assessment provided a roadmap of focused recommendations to adopt modern engineering practices and drive early improvements.

Next, ClearPoint formed collaborative squads with a hybrid of talent from both organizations. These squads focused on three key areas: DevOps practices, skills and capabilities, and technical debt. By bringing together diverse skillsets across development, product ownership and design, the squads could harness technologies like Kubernetes and containers to transition to a more cloud-native architecture. This approach optimised costs and leveraged the scalability of the cloud. Knowledge sharing and capability building were integral to the engagement. 

By bringing together the best of both worlds, you can identify systemic blockers and shine a light on areas that historically may not have had much attention. By utilizing ClearPoint's extensive expertise, we gained a baseline and began to understand where improvements can be made."

- Client's Chief Product and Technology Officer


The project followed an agile, iterative approach rather than a static roadmap. This allowed for continuous learning and adaptation. Instead of cutting corners to hit impossible deadlines, we gathered momentum, and with a good foundation in place it enabled the client to correct the course as needed.


ClearPoint's leadership enabled me to have faith in the process and enforce change."

- Client's Chief Product and Technology Officer


The outcome


Over several months, the joint teams made significant strides:

  • Assessed the architectural landscape and delivered change without major technical restrictions
  • Upskilled product teams with new knowledge and capabilities
  • Implemented CI/CD, Kubernetes, and infrastructure-as-code
  • Created new front-end frameworks and patterns
  • Migrated core data from older, unreliable systems

Importantly, the engagement instilled an innovation-oriented, product-led engineering culture. It provided a future-fit technology foundation for the client to deliver enhanced customer experiences and drive operational efficiency at scale.

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