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Gain a competitive edge in a digital-first world with ClearPoint. With a combination of technology and business knowledge expertise, we make sure your organisation can seamlessly transition into the digital age, empowering you to drive lasting business value.


At ClearPoint, we’re here to take you on your digital journey so you can develop your capabilities. Transformation isn’t just about introducing new technology, it’s a business-wide change that disrupts every part of an organisation. Our job is to help guide you through that process to give you the support you need to succeed.


In today’s technology landscape, change is the only constant. Digital transformation enables businesses to successfully adapt to change so they can evolve and thrive.

What we offer

What is Digital Transformation?

Everyone has a different view of what transformation is. At ClearPoint, we see Digital Transformation as a vehicle to deliver business value through a connected technology strategy. A set of connected changes that innovate everything in an organisation including culture, practices, and leadership.

Technology doesn’t exist in isolation so we’re here to help you connect the dots. You might be modernising, upgrading or developing platforms in isolation, which could lead to problems down the line without a business wide view of how it all comes together.

We work with you to unlock and escalate value in your business that can be enabled by technology.

  • A flexible and adaptable process, using proven frameworks
  • Technology experts across a wide range of landscapes
  • Deep in-house skill-set with experience in a range of sectors
  • Provides a robust and executable plan aligned to your strategy
  • Transparency around cost & level of commitment
What we offer
Our Transformation Services

Transformation can be interpreted as meaning many things. These are some of the areas ClearPoint can support you with during your digital transformation journey.



Cloud migration & modernisation

DevOps & engineering practices

Data management & maturity

CX Strategy & Service Design

Technical Due Diligence (TDD)

Virtual Chief Technology Officer (vCTO)

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