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One of the main characteristics of solid DevOps practices is establishing continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines.

Read more in our DevOps Explained Guide
#devops #nztech #engineeringthefuture https://content.clearpoint.digital/devops-explained-a-guide-to-faster-and-safer-digital-product-delivery

Serko and ClearPoint worked as a hybrid team to make their software integration with the Amadeus GDS more efficient, making booking queries 4 x faster. Read about it here. #engineeringthefuture #teamwork #nztech https://clearpoint.digital/our-work/smart-integration-enabling-faster-flight-searches-for-serko/

We define DevOps as a set of best practices that help us deliver software faster without risking quality, security or business outcomes. Read our guide on faster and safer digital product delivery. #technology #waysofworking #culture #devops


Irina Southwell is one of our Principal Engineers and a Test Automation expert. She shares her vision around test automation and microservice API testing based on OpenAPI contract, one of the most important parts of a continuous delivery pipeline. https://clearpoint.digital/blog/introduction-to-microservice-test-automation-with-cucumber-jvm-and-openapi/