Power BIAccelerator Package

We can help you visualise new data quickly to present new insights to  your business.

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Quickly interpret any data set in your business to showcase new insights and reporting back to your business. Within a two-week timeframe, we can visualise this data by creating a data model for your business, a working data dashboard and reports you can use immediately. The two-week period will include training internal users on using Power BI for analytics, creating Power BI roadmaps, implementing best practices and general training.


  • Rapidly derive rich data insights
  • Get a custom built proof of concept data model and dashboard
  • 3-4 interactive reports
  • Low risk & quick turnaround
  • No licensing cost or license to PowerBI required

Who is this for?

This package is for anyone in a business who wants to:

  • Kick start their BI roadmap
  • Analyse, interpret and deliver new data in meaningful ways
  • Deliver new reporting quickly on a business area
  • Drive effective decision-making through data
  • Present new reporting back to their business

How does it work?

Our consultants will work with you and key stakeholders to define your data needs and identify key subject areas you want to report on. This will take the format of a half day requirements workshop.

The outcomes of the workshop will form the basis of your data model and visualisations required. Our consultants will then design your data model and reports within a data tool such as Microsoft PowerBI.


Download pricing & more details