ClearPoint has announced a strategic partnership with NZ.AI as a foundation partner, supporting the growth of this exciting organisation, which is leading the discussion for the development and use of Artificial Intelligence in New Zealand business.

The purpose of NZ.AI is to inform, support and showcase Kiwi businesses utilising Artificial Intelligence, engaging New Zealand’s Instigators of Change in AI and other Emerging Technologies through The AI Show monthly events and major conferences like AI-DAY.

Clearpoint CEO, Hamish Rumbold met with the Founder of NZ.AI, Justin Flitter on Thursday to finalise the partnership. “We are excited to join forces with NZ.AI in helping to lead NZ businesses in how they can responsibly apply AI and machine learning technologies to optimise their business processes and enhance their customers’ experience.  At ClearPoint, we are passionate about helping businesses and New Zealanders innovate and engineer their digital futures with leading technology – we see AI  and machine learning as an integral part of that future” Rumbold commented at the announcement.

New Zealand is positioned perfectly to be a leader in this area. As a country, we’ve got the entrepreneurial approach, the tech skills, and the can-do attitude. There is huge potential with AI, machine learning and the better use of data in NZ business, which will help improve experiences for customers, commercial results and society at large.

But there is also a lot of hype and misunderstanding too, and a risk of NZ heading into a trough of disillusionment, after a period where we have seen inflated and high expectations around what AI technologies should deliver, compared to what they have actually delivered. Which is why, like with every project, clear guidelines of the business problem that is being solved should be the focus, not the hype of using new technology.

ClearPoint has a successful track record of delivering AI solutions for market-leading organisations and the ClearPoint AI team, working strategically alongside NZ.AI, will apply practical expertise and aim to educate and bust some of the myths around AI.

Rumbold adds that “Together with NZ.AI, our goal is to show real value and steps organisations in New Zealand can be doing now to start realising the benefit from machine learning and setting themselves up for more complex AI in the future.”

What’s next?

ClearPoint will present at the regular AI events (monthly AI Show, AIMCON and Create>AI workshops) in Auckland this year. Look out for AI-related content and updates throughout the year, as ClearPoint takes a position of market leadership in this exciting new space.

View all the New Zealand.AI events here.

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