Clearpoint hosts Techweek event on the ‘Future of Financial Services – How Millennials are changing the game’. 

More than 75% of the global workforce will be made up of the millennial generation[1] by 2025. So how is the banking industry keeping up with increasing digital needs and what does the future hold?

ClearPoint joined forces with FinTechNZ and Techweek to shed light on how our millennials and disruptors are changing the world of banking and financial services, both in New Zealand and overseas.

‘Millennial’s demand seamless omni-channel, mobile-first experiences. They want self-service, real-time data and control in how they manage their finances and investments. We see enterprises working hard to keep up with their digital demands, whilst at the same time trying to keep ahead of their competitors offerings.” Says ClearPoint CEO, Hamish Rumbold.

The event took place on Thursday 23rd of May as part of NZ’s Techweek festival. With over 70 attendees from the banking industry, the audience heard from leading financial industry specialists including James Brown of FinTechNZ, Kristen Lunman of Hatch, Cat Munro of ClearPoint, Lewis Billinghurst from Westpac and Hayley Clinning from Aider.

Speakers discussed the latest innovation trends in the banking and investment landscape in New Zealand – how digital innovations are transforming this industry, examples of the newest financial products from here and overseas, and their thoughts on what the future holds for the next generation.

Speaker – Cat Munro, Head of Financial Services, ClearPoint talks about how millennials and their behaviours are driving change in banking services.

Speaker – Kristin Lunman, GM Hatch discusses the new wave of investors and how Hatch.

Speaker – Lewis Billinghurst, Westpac Venture discusses how partnerships are key for banking incumbents like Westpac.

Panel session




[1] EY, Global Generations: A Global Study on Work-Life Challenges Across Generations (2015)