The 2017 CIO Awards held in Auckland this week celebrated the best in ICT throughout New Zealand. Having supported the NZ CIO Awards for 7 consecutive years, we’re immensely proud of our association and it was fantastic to see such a high calibre of finalists.

As ICT teams play an increasingly significant role in business today, this year we wanted to create a special award which recognises the achievements of organisations who are leading the way in driving innovation and change, many of whom are our clients. That’s why we introduced the ClearPoint Business Transformation through Digital & IT Award.

This Award is team based and reflects our belief that driving innovation requires the perfect blend of leadership, technology and team culture. This mirrors our approach and underpins the support and services we provide to our clients, to enable them to utilise technology to drive innovations which achieve their business goals.

We were delighted to see three very strong finalists in our category, Valocity, Fletcher Building and Westpac NZ. Each of these organisations have achieved great things, which you can read more about below.

Huge congratulations to Valocity were the deserved winners of the ClearPoint Business Transformation through Digital & IT Award for 2017.

Well done to all the teams involved from Valocity, Westpac and Fletcher Building – you all really deserved to be there and we can’t wait to see what you achieve next.


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ClearPoint Business Transformation Through Digital and IT Award Winners 2017: Valocity

Valocity have created a technology platform that utilises existing data, advanced analytics and technology to create an ecosystem that has transformed the mortgage lending process in New Zealand.

Valocity have shown the ability to disrupt and transform, not only their own business, but an entire industry. Their solution has revolutionised how lenders, valuers, brokers and consumers engage in the mortgage lending process.


Award Finalist: Fletcher Building

In 2015, Fletcher Building began a companywide technology transformation programme to enable business units to embrace digital. Prior to the transformation each business had its own IT team, technology was fragmented and digital maturity was low.

The transformation is not complete but already the company has delivered over 24 digital solutions and generated $6.45m EBIT through the formation of a Digital Innovation Lab.


Award Finalist: Westpac New Zealand

In 2015, Westpac began their transformation journey, embracing the diversity in the team and placing the customer at the heart of each initiative.

The ongoing transformation has turned Westpac into a more lean, agile organisation with the capability to execute changes quickly based on customer needs. Solutions like CashNav show how the customer is at the heart of decision making and that technology is now an enabler of innovation.