ClearPoint’s approach to all things digital has always kept us at the cutting edge of new technology and developments. We’ve been in this game for a while now, so we know that we can never rest on our laurels. There’s always something new to work towards, to integrate, to master – and we are consistently enabling our client partnerships to evolve accordingly.

Why Continuous Delivery?

Often clients have multiple initiatives to deliver – and these different streams of work need to be executed in parallel. Efficiency and minimising risk are key factors to consider in complex development activities – which is why we look to Continuous Delivery (CD). CD manages both, with short, frequent cycles of software development, repeatable infrastructure builds and test automation. It’s a complete game changer.

With the likes of Google, Facebook and Netflix seen as global leaders in CD, ClearPoint is up with the big players in our early uptake of CD processes. Being among the first in New Zealand to use CD as a digital enabler – we’re carving our own path for ourselves and our clients.

Continuous Delivery and GlobalDairyTrade (GDT)

Case in point: our relationship with GlobalDairyTrade (GDT). We’ve been working together for several years now, with ClearPoint originally developing GDT’s auction management platform. Around a year ago, GDT approached us about a number of streams of digital work, with ongoing integration requirements. CD was the obvious choice, providing the means to maximise efficiency, reduce risk and minimise time-to-market.

Liz Hollard, Programme Manager at GDT recently shared on LinkedIn:

“…I have to say that seeing this come to life has been pretty exciting.  ClearPoint and GDT together have created something pretty leading edge.”

Visualising the Abstract

This CD approach means that there is a lot going on, but it’s all very abstract. ClearPoint wanted to find a way to bring CD to life, so that the GDT team could see the processes in action. Our team came up with the perfect idea: an LED dashboard, driven by a Raspberry Pi, representing the continuous delivery pipeline in real-time. The result is a dashboard etched with the names of both GDT and ClearPoint serving as a permanent reminder of the cutting-edge relationship we have shared.

So what exactly does the dashboard do?

As developers check in code, the lights indicate building, testing and deploying pipelines.  Anyone looking at the dashboard can see exactly what the development teams are doing in that moment to achieve the desired outcomes for the business.

We’re really stoked with the result – we’ve transformed the abstract into the tangible, overcoming the challenge of how to make something so revolutionary, “real” for business people.

Liz verifies just how valuable this latest step has been. “Wonderful team, wonderful outcome.”

We concur – we’re proud of the relationship we have forged.

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This is our second of 3 blogs on Continuous Delivery. In our third, we explore how continuous delivery processes are at the leading edge of digital enablement, in a fast-paced and consumer-driven market.