We are a social bunch who love to host events, invite speakers, sponsor tech groups and actively keep in touch with the tech community.

We want to make a difference for our clients, community and teams. One of the ways we do this is by hosting a range of events that inspire creative thinking and learning.

The Innovation Garage

A self-sufficient space with all the basics for successful workshops, ideation sessions and collaborative teamwork – mobile furniture, post its, sharpies, pin boards/flip charts and cafe (kitchenette) with a barista coffee machine.


  • 165sqm open plan space with modular furniture for flexible use.
  • Capacity: 40 workshop, 60 seated, 80 standing.
  • AV: HDMI cables, mobile TV’s, high speed wifi, full room sound system, dimmable LED lighting.
  • Furniture: Modular couches, meeting chairs & tables, barstools & high tables, coffee tables, ottoman stools, mobile double-sided whiteboards, space dividers & shelving.



In a digital world, what is it with The Garage?

Only that Walt and Roy Disney started their business in one. Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard gave birth to Silicon Valley in theirs. A couple of college dropouts called Steve started a company called Apple in a parent’s garage in that same postcode. Sergey Brin and Larry Page launched Google in a garage owned by a friend – and had the decency to offer her a job. Barbie and her friend Ken were born in one – although it was called a ‘carriage house at the time.

The garage is a human construct: an idea synonymous with space where a person can relax and contemplate without restrictions. Where no-one’s watching you try and turn a wild idea into something crazy brilliant. Where you can make a mistake without burning the house down. And revel in the heady, non-judgmental air of free thought.

We invite you to discover ours.

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