How we work

A team of tech lovers, we can promise you a deep obsession with your user's experience.

A vital piece in the experience puzzle, technology can transform your levels of customer engagement and satisfaction, through both insight and design. This is why the methodology we provide for you is so steadfastly user-centric.

We work within our solution delivery framework which covers four cycles:
  1. Discover - Research, explore & understand
  2. Define - Synthesise insights & define the opportunity
  3. Design - Divergent ideas, prototype, validate
  4. Deliver - Iteratively build, test & refine

When we begin our work with you, we need to understand your vision, your goals and the way you work. This is so we can ensure our way of working aligns with yours.

We only work in agile ways and hold the agile principles close to our heart.We love to build software and release working software as soon as it’s ready to get the best outcomes.

Why ClearPoint

We find your perfect intersection between agility, product, data and technologies to create world-class customer experiences.

We build and manage complex digital products and platforms, and are the leaders in DevOps and CI/CD in NZ.

We coach teams to become expert at business agility to deliver faster and safer.

We have an unmatched network of exceptional talent you can draw upon to innovate and deliver.

We'd love to help you accelerate! Get in touch below