Creating business impact through purpose-driven design

Creating business impact through purpose-driven design

Design is more than just look and feel; it has the ability to impact lives and businesses in meaningful ways. Every app, piece of software, or digital product we interact with has been carefully crafted by designers to provide a seamless and enjoyable user experience. ClearPoint's Design team, led by GM Design Dan Cornwall, is dedicated to creating purpose-driven digital experiences through direct research, innovative product visioning and human-centred design. 

With over 20 years experience in digital product design and strategy, Dan’s journey spans a wide spectrum of digital expertise, industries and capabilities. Dan’s breadth of multi-sector and multi-discipline experience offers exceptional strategic direction to client engagements marrying customer needs with business outcomes and technology opportunities.

Find out how ClearPoint can help you delight and empower customers with extraordinary products and services reimagined through customer-centric research and design.

The Design Double Diamond

ClearPoint follows the design double diamond approach, consisting of two key phases: discovery and design. The discovery phase, represented by the first diamond, focuses on gathering comprehensive information to understand how the world currently works and how business a product is put together. This phase involves customer research and strategy development, ultimately narrowing down the information to identify the real opportunities or problems worth solving for customers.

The subsequent phase, or the second diamond, is the design process. With a clear understanding of the problem that needs to be solved and the target audience, the design process is used to explore the right way to solve the problem. This involves coming up with ideas and testing them to see which is the right way to go forward to create the best outcome.

Design as Part of a Broader Context

At ClearPoint, design is not a standalone process. It's part of a broader context that works closely with business goals and stakeholders, alongside taking into account how the designs will actually be implemented.

"One of the most important things for us as designers is that design isn't something that stands by itself. It's part of solving problems within a broader context," says Dan. 

"One of the things that ClearPoint has the opportunity to do really well is have design, engineering and the various different product disciplines work really closely together so that we're actually working as a team, making a thing together as opposed to the traditional waterfall way of working in separate groups."


Making a Difference for Our Clients

ClearPoint believes in sharing knowledge, upskilling and empowering clients to deliver exceptional customer experience solutions now and in the future. 

"What interests me the most about working in the field of design is the contribution that it can actually make to people's lives in real and meaningful ways. Everything we use, every piece of software or app on our phones has been designed by someone carefully and meticulously to make it a good experience," says Dan.

"Everything we do is in the service of making things better. That's the driver for design - come to work and make the world a little bit better every day. That's the key goal for us in working with our clients, is to help leverage that to provide their customers with great experiences."

Whether you need assistance for short-term projects or long-term engagements, ClearPoint can extend and support your experience and design teams. We provide fast and adaptive support and consulting services across CX strategy and research, service design, UX/UI, product innovation and interaction design. 


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