Release of Java17

Release of Java17

Our Chief Engineer of Open Source Technology, Andrew Lindesay takes us through the recent release of Java 17.

Java is a widely used object orientated programming language and software platform that ClearPoint uses on a daily basis for a variety of client projects. As a result we ensure we keep abreast of changes and updates. September 14, 2021 saw the release of Java version 17, which is a Long Term Support (LTS) version of the popular multi-platform tooling and runtime.

LTS versions are supported for a longer period of time compared to non-LTS versions and so tend to be gravitated towards by the industry. Version 17 rolls up all the changes since version 11 (2018) and carries a number of enhancements including an improved `switch` statement, more convenient use of `instanceof` and a specific type for conveying data objects.

Java continues to be one of the most popular platforms for implementing business logic and infrastructure. Over its 25 year history the platform has enjoyed sound stewardship and is accompanied by a plethora of frameworks and libraries supporting a large number of use-cases. Not only this, the virtual-machine underpinning the platform plays host to a number of other languages such as Kotlin, Scala and Clojure.

An enhancement that the community is looking forward to in the next LTS after version 17 will be “Project Loom” that aims to provide high performance concurrent processing for IO-constrained workloads. A key with Project Loom will be the ability to provide this functionality without the inconvenience of engineers having to learn new paradigms and practises.


ClearPoint are looking forward to engineering systems for customers with Version 17 of Java and are happy to talk through upgrade paths for those customers wanting to modernise existing systems – get in touch today!

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