By Paul Scott, Chief Platforms & Partnerships

Demand for market-leading technology platforms specifically COTS / commercial off the shelf solutions has never been higher. 

This demand is driven by the need to innovate faster, deliver value to the customer quickly and the realisation that many required businesses processes do not provide differentiation to organisations.

To meet this demand, ClearPoint has been working on establishing new partnerships, services and products to support both our existing customers as well as the overall market who wish to choose off the shelf solutions rather than custom engineering solutions.

Today we are launching our offerings and services for two significant new partnerships that we established late last year: Salesforce and UiPath.

Salesforce is the undisputed leader in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and a significant player in enterprise business software and low-code solutions.



UiPath is consistently acknowledged as a market leader in RPA (Robotic Process Automation) for enterprise organisations. UiPath enables organisations to improve operational efficiency by enabling automation through a digital workforce, combined with improving the overall customer experience.



Historically the mantra, although not always followed, has seen organisations buy off the shelf for parity, build & integrate for competitive advantage. As the macro trends of cloud, infrastructure and connectivity have continued to impact the global market, key leaders like Salesforce have brought more power and flexibility to their platform offerings. Now organisations have a breadth of options that encompass the strengths of both configurable solutions, and off the shelf.

I am now seeing solutions that can be implemented very quickly and for an amazing ROI by leveraging existing configurable platforms. This is where Salesforce excels, with its best of breed feature approach as well as industry-tailored solutions it enables organisations to get up and going quickly, be agile while enabling future-proofed innovation. Taking this approach enables businesses to focus on what makes them unique as an organisation and only invest in bespoke engineered solutions where there is true value.

Customer experience matters. Period. In one survey of 8,000 consumers and business buyers, it was revealed 73% said that one extraordinary experience raises their expectations of all other companies in the same industry. A problem many organisations face is the number of legacy applications that impede the speed at which they can deal with customers. The outcome often means they end up as laggards, held back by their technology platforms.  Their customer experience is also impacted by how solutions are integrated together and how complex their operational processes need to be to work around them. Modernisation will often be seen as expensive and risky.  

This is where RPA can provide a huge benefit to an organisation. An automation strategy can enable optimization of operational processes, streamlining of manual processes, and ultimately improve customer experience through reductions in mistakes and faster response times for customers. A UiPath solution, through its ‘attended’ and ‘unattended’ robots can quickly provide ROI by automating mundane tasks without errors which provides a measurable difference in experience for customers. This provides a fantastic duel strategy of automation and modernisation at the same time where you can provide an improvement quickly through RPA and slowly modernise your applications behind the scenes.

Many of our customers know ClearPoint as a leader in Software Engineering, DevOps & automation in New Zealand & Australia.

Adding the two key partnerships of Salesforce and UiPath to our stable provides customers with a wider choice of strategic options for how we support them with their business transformation. Be it off the shelf, a bespoke engineered solution, or a combination of both. ClearPoint is there to support our customers with the outcome they need. On top of this, we also offer a full end to end design, CX and research capability, to help tailor your end to end customer experience to meet your business goals.

To make it simple for clients to start on the journey with Salesforce or UiPath, we have created a tailored set of packages, each with a delivery timeframe and price point to help customers no matter where they are on their journey – be it getting started, ready to implement or ongoing support & optimisation.

Some examples of packaged options include rapid starts or proven timeboxed implementations.

We aim to offer a new level of clarity and simplicity for customers, to make it easy to implement Salesforce or UiPath. 

If you are looking to increase your sales, improve your customer experience, improve your operational efficiencies or automate your processes we can help. Reach out and we can talk through the solutions and opportunities offered by  Salesforce & UiPath.

ClearPoint’s Salesforce offerings

ClearPoint’s UiPath RPA offerings

We are here to help you, We are ClearPoint.

Paul Scott

Paul is ClearPoint’s Chief of Platforms & Partnerships. He is an award-winning, globally experienced leader with a career focused on business transformation, driven by software, integration, business apps, cloud and SaaS.