The Challenge

Customer Radar is a software company helping businesses easily collect customer feedback and provides an online dashboard which can analyse and respond the feedback. They were the pioneers of customer feedback technology who was first to launch Net Promoter Score (NPS) via mobile devices.

ClearPoint got involved in the Customer Radar journey at the beginning of 2013. While their software had a strong foundation, Mat Wylie, CEO and Founder of Customer Radar came to ClearPoint for their expertise in software development and cloud computing.

Mat engaged ClearPoint to provide a digital strategy on how to achieving their aims of launching on a global stage. ClearPoint came up with a roadmap that would also help them meet some of the challenges they faced.

ClearPoint are great to work with. They’ve been like that from day one and the way people respond to urgent situations gives you a good sign for how they are to deal with long-term. ClearPoint give me a huge amount of confidence.

— Mat Wylie, CEO, Customer Radar

The Solution

Customer Radar feedback used to be by text message only. With ClearPoint’s help, feedback can now be posted online too, opening the system up to any device with internet access. Anyone that can access a URL anywhere in the world can use Customer Radar. That includes customers wishing to review up-to-the-minute feedback on their company, whether they are the Chairman of the Board or someone on the shop floor.

“Customer Radar listens closely to its customers and only develops a new feature according to user needs and requirements. With ClearPoint’s assistance, reporting capabilities have advanced hugely in line with customer needs.”

What is really great about ClearPoint is the range of skillsets we get access to.

— Mat Wylie, CEO, Customer Radar

The Outcome

The business is scaling up globally and ClearPoint’s strategy enabled the business to take advantage of the latest worldwide technological developments.

Tech Points

  • Digital Stratgey
  • Reporting