The Challenge

IAG New Zealand is a general insurance company employing more than 3,500 people. It sells insurance under many leading brands including NZI, State and AMI.

IAG is undergoing a business transformation with new requirements to deliver more for its customers, with a large scale digital roadmap. This meant a rebuild of all its customer digital solutions into the Cloud, hosted on Microsoft Azure, for their different brands.

To achieve this, IAG’s platforms team needed the best people to help develop and test the new technical solutions. Going out to market to scale quickly and find people was time-consuming and the number of hours in performing interviews and research was cumbersome for their internal technical teams.

The Solution

IAG came to ClearPoint to leverage their talent network and find a digital development squad. They needed a team to work alongside existing IAG development squads as part of their SME Digital programme. ClearPoint provided IAG with a digital squad of full stack engineers, QA lead/scrum master and a senior tester. This enabled the IAG team to deliver their platform and put into market at speed.

“Their high calibre skillset and experience in delivering digital initiatives enabled our team to build and go live with one of our brands digital assets much faster.”

— Scott Gambling, IAG Platform Lead

Tech Points

  • Hybrid team
  • Resourcing
  • Digital platforms
  • Agility