These days, customer service is designed to not only solve a problem or provide an answer, but to deepen relationships and increase advocacy. 

The digital age has transformed how we view, communicate and appreciate great customer service, with brands acknowledging the power social media platforms have on their reputation. That’s not to say that traditional methods of CS are obsolete, but with consumers more likely to share their complaints and compliments publicly than ever before, it pays to have a robust strategy to maximise every interaction with your customer and improve their customer experience (CX). 

Over the years organisations have transitioned their business models and operations to reflect a more transparent and agile CX model, with every customer touchpoint aligned to their values and purpose – something that was neglected with the historic cost per ticket approach. 

While it remains necessary to maintain operational efficiency, it should not be at the expense of your customers, employees and the values you uphold as a business. 

The global pandemic has radically shifted our online interactions, from how we shop, to how we exercise, hang out with friends and educate our children. With more people online than ever before, CX and customer service should be a top priority for your business. 

As we enter the new year, it is the perfect time to assess the risks and opportunities within your business. By getting the fundamentals right you’ll be well placed to optimise your people, service, technology and offer an experience that meets the evolving needs of your customer. 

The buck doesn’t stop with the service team 

The experience of the customer is everyone’s responsibility. It’s no good having a fantastic front of house experience if the food is delivered cold. The same applies to every step of the customer experience – from the UX on the website removing barriers and providing a seamless experience, to marketers knowing how to communicate effectively. Set your team up for success with regular (fun and interactive) training and ensure they have access to the same systems and data. Gain a 360 degree view of your customer by bringing together all the relevant information into a single system such as Salesforce. The platform provides a lightning-fast, comprehensive way to put your customers at the centre. By providing transparency to every party, the customer wins. 


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Value an omni-channel presence 

As we rely on an increasingly digital experience, the need for the human touch is crucial. Brands are hugely aware of the importance of a customised experience and have invested in developing a seamless customer journey at every touch point. Having the right tools in your arsenal is key, with tools that connect every channel, collate data and provide valuable insights that can further improve the customer experience. 

Know where your customer spends their time

…hint: it’s not on your website. Most of your customer’s time is spent on social media platforms or messenger, a behaviour Salesforce calls ‘Shopping at the edge.’ 

Cross channel communications is vital in today’s saturated market, with many executives planning to increase the frequency of their messaging to include product promotions, customer service and more. Meet your customers on the channel that works for them by using tools such as a live chat function like with Salesforce Service Cloud.

Understand the acronyms 

We’re not talking trends (although they matter – more on that later!) but appreciating the complex and rapidly changing world of technology and engineering that influences your tools, how you collect and manage data and the way you satisfy customer demand.  For example, an important and influential topic in the tech world right now is CIAM – or customer identity and access management. Designed to remove barriers, enable a smooth and frictionless user-experience, enhance security and reduce organisational risk, CIAM is an essential piece of kit for any business. Check out our latest blog to learn more. 

Keep your finger on the pulse

It pays to be informed! CX trends evolve based on consumer demand, the economy, technology and other factors like the unprecedented global pandemic. Navigating these shifting sands can be tricky, but with the right guidance and information it can be a little more digestible and easier to apply to your business. Follow and subscribe to influencers and thought leaders who share their insights on AI, CX, e-commerce innovation, cloud technology, the future of work and engineering. A great starting point is our blog which is regularly updated with emerging trends and forecasts. 

Get personal 

What does your customer really want from you? An answer? A resolution? An experience? With the right technology solution and interface, great training and the right marketing you can capture relevant information about your customer that makes a huge difference to their experience with you. Listen to their needs and stay in touch with them when it’s relevant – like a birthday or with a promotion based on their previous purchase. The same applies to the way you communicate, keep it real, keep it professional and hear what they have to say. Some of the best examples of customer service that have been shared on social media truly appreciate their faults or failures and recognise when and how to handle it. 

Customer service and the user experience is a critical component to the success of your business. Make it a priority for 2022. 


Although trends come and go – reputation, trust and loyalty remain – so it’s crucial to remain ahead of the game in these uncertain and competitive times. If you’d like to talk with us about your needs or how you see these trends fitting within your organisation, we’d love to help. Find out more about our Salesforce CRM solutions here.


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