Deadline-driven mobile app development for AMP

Deadline-driven mobile app development for AMP

Customer Story


ClearPoint worked with AMP to provide a complete mobile online shopping experience within a limited timeline. This included implementing a continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline to provide rapid feedback and ensure a reliable release, alongside analytical features to better manage the app moving forward.

AMP Wealth Management New Zealand (AMP) is one of New Zealand’s leading financial services providers. AMP is committed to helping Kiwis achieve a brighter financial future, and they bring this promise to life through helpful guidance and high-quality products and services like the award-winning AMP KiwiSaver Scheme.


The Challenge

MyAMP, AMP's client-facing mobile app, was built and operated out of Australia. AMP has offices in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington, and wanted to manage and control all of its technology locally to deliver an even better digital experience to its New Zealand clients.

AMP wanted an app that had the same look and feel as the original app, but that was rebuilt for the New Zealand market. It was a priority for AMP to perform this work within a tight timeframe that would satisfy their clients. AMP partners with many of New Zealand’s most well-known brands and businesses to help their employees achieve their financial goals, so it was important that the app was relevant for corporate clients and local businesses.


The app is built on a revolutionary technology stack, which enables us to unlock innovative new ways of serving our clients online. We’ll be continuing to roll out new features regularly to provide our clients with an even better digital experience to help them achieve their financial goals."

— Rohan Aggrawal, Head of Digital and Technology Solutions


The Solution

Owing to AMP’s desired project deadline, ClearPoint recommended engineering their mobile solution in Google’s Flutter to drive the timeline. Building the MyAMP app in Flutter allowed ClearPoint to target a single codebase for both Android and iOS platforms. This cut the resources needed to build the app in half—namely the required time and money.

From the project’s start, ClearPoint implemented a continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline to provide rapid feedback and ensure a reliable release. Complying to an agreed-upon calendar, we worked in full sprint mode and performed several sprints prior to launch. ClearPoint’s team worked with AMP to ensure secure API integration through Apigee, with validation points throughout the build.

ClearPoint provided an engineering team to perform the mobile application development as part of a cross-functional team driven by AMP. We engaged with the team to ensure the end product operated as desired. While some of the original Australian-built app design was replicated, ClearPoint customised the New Zealand MyAMP app to meet market need and merged it with Google’s Material Design to ensure all core features would delight AMP’s clients.

For AMP, the key priority was to create a secure, native app for Android and iOS on an accelerated schedule.


 Using Flutter, the single code base can be pushed to multiple platforms. We used Codemagic CI:CD from the start which meant we could deliver changes for AMP rapidly and constantly,” says Mary-Anne Stuart-William, Delivery Manager at ClearPoint.


The Outcome

The solutions ClearPoint built using Flutter enabled AMP to release the MyAMP app within 14 weeks. AMP was able to migrate its clients from the Australian-built app to the new app with minimal impact. Clients found an updated MyAMP app that is more relevant for local businesses and individuals. Meanwhile, AMP has a stronger foundation from which to continue to enhance the digital experience for its corporate clients.

As part of the collaboration with the AMP team, ClearPoint included analytical features that tie in with their existing analytics. AMP can now better manage the app going forward and can see where there might be pain points, technical issues, or areas of opportunity.

By engineering the app in Flutter, ClearPoint also reduced overhead costs for a major enterprise. The team created a product that allows future required or desired changes to happen very quickly, and to introduce new changes to the market at a near-instant rate.


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