Digital Squad for IAG: Driving Platform Build at Speed with ClearPoint

Digital Squad for IAG: Driving Platform Build at Speed with ClearPoint

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IAG New Zealand

ClearPoint partnered with IAG New Zealand to drive their digital transformation by providing a skilled development squad. Working alongside IAG's teams, ClearPoint's development expertise and collaborative approach enabled faster delivery of digital assets, technical leadership, and knowledge transfer, ultimately accelerating IAG's journey towards enhanced customer digital solutions.

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IAG New Zealand is a leading general insurance company with over 4000 employees. They offer insurance under well-known brands such as NZI, State, and AMI.


The driving force


IAG was undergoing a significant business transformation to deliver enhanced digital solutions for their customers as part of a large scale digital roadmap. This involved rebuilding all customer-facing digital assets on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform across their various brands. To achieve this, IAG's platforms team needed to quickly scale up with the right talent to develop and test the new technical solutions. However, going to market to find skilled resources was time-consuming, and the interview process placed a heavy burden on their internal technical teams.


The solution


IAG partnered with ClearPoint to leverage their talent network and assemble a digital development squad. ClearPoint provided a team of full-stack engineers, a QA lead/scrum master, and a senior tester to work alongside IAG's existing development squads as part of their SME Digital program.

ClearPoint's collaborative approach, flexible engagement model, and delivery experience enabled them to deploy a highly aligned team that integrated well with IAG's culture and diverse stakeholders. As a trusted, long-term partner with a focus on sustainable relationships and mutual value, ClearPoint brought their software engineering expertise and experience in strategic global platforms, cloud-based integration, and mobile applications to drive the project's success.


The outcome


The ClearPoint team's enabled IAG to delivery their platform and put it ino market at speed. ClearPoint's agile development team provided technical leadership and knowledge transfer on agile software development practices, working closely with IAG's internal resources.

Their high calibre skillset and experience in delivering digital initiatives enabled our team to build and go live with one of our brands digital assets much faster."

IAG spokesperson


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