Google Cloud Platform

Connect to the first-class infrastructure that powers the world's largest search engine.

ClearPoint will engineer your cloud solutions so you can benefit from all that Google Cloud has to offer. Our Google Cloud Professional Certified Architects & Data Engineers will help you take advantage of Google Cloud's toolkit to architect robust, resilient and secure solutions

Google Cloud Start

Gather your team together over coffee to learn about everything Google Cloud has to offer. As part of our commitment to ensuring you get best-fit cloud enablement, we’ll create a focused workshop series for your enterprise.

We’ll go through the relevant offerings and help you define the value of Google Cloud. Whether it be data and analytics services, infrastructure, and serverless options—we work to understand the products that are the right solutions for you.


Cloud Foundation Services

Jump-start your Google Cloud enablement with the right focus. Our expert team takes the guesswork out of getting started by delivering your enterprise a focused version of Google Cloud Foundations. We will help you establish strong foundational architecture, long-term operations, and workload planning. ClearPoint’s Google Cloud experts will take you through the core organisation, networking and connectivity needed to set up your company’s infrastructure.

Get your Google Cloud environment set up now.


Google Cloud Physics Assessment

Discover if Google Cloud is right for you with CloudPhysics, a vendor-agnostic infrastructure assessment that will help you gain visibility of your environments minutes after activation. We’ll configure your CloudPhysics assessment and help you unpack all the analytics.

Download an overview of the ClearPoint Cloud Physics Assessment.


Google Kubernetes Engine

Google Cloud Services gives you the power of containerised application management at scale with Google Kubernetes Engine in the cloud (GKE). GKE has a fully integrated stack of hardened components to help you meet the scalability and performance demands of your digital solutions.

GKE provides you with an efficient, reliable, and secure way to run Kubernetes clusters. Kubernetes autoscaling helps you keep up with demands on your applications when it matters most, and automatically scales back in quieter periods to save you money. GKE runs conformant Kubernetes, enabling you to move and manage workloads across a multi-cloud solution.

With Google Cloud, you’ll adopt a platform that can handle even the most demanding internet-scale workloads, while simultaneously maintaining strong security and governance foundations.

Superior Data and Analytics

Google Cloud provides powerful analytics and big data tools that drive amazing digital experiences. BigQuery, Google’s own serverless, highly scalable data warehouse, runs lightning-fast SQL queries on your data. This was designed from the start to give you more value from your data. You’ll do more with access to robust analytics and insights into your customer’s journey.

Plus, with all your data in one centralised place, you can incorporate deep learning systems into your offering with Google Cloud Machine Learning. Just imagine being able to provide AI-powered functionality to your customers!

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Why ClearPoint

We combine the right platforms, with the best design and engineering expertise, to deliver innovative digital solutions.

We are the leaders in DevOps and Continuous Delivery in NZ, having implemented some of the most complex DevOps transformations.

We increase the velocity and capability within your teams with our people - individually or within a hybrid or ClearPoint team. 

Exceptional technical leadership that you can draw upon to innovate and deliver faster and safer.