Data & Machine Learning

The power of being digital comes from data.

We encourage our clients to be thinking and doing more with their data, and therefore naturally putting their customer at the centre.

Data & Analytics

No one can predict the future, but having lots of data (in your field) and flexible platforms will enable any company to innovate continuously and stay one step ahead of market changes. There are a number of areas ClearPoint can help with this:

  • Modern data architecture
  • Security and data protection
  • Leveraging data to
    • optimise the user and customer experience
    • automate your customer service – take the load off your call centre and optimise with AI and BOTs
    • automate your business processes
    • visualise data for informed decision making
    • optimise your development pipeline
Digital Solution Architecture

Business Intelligence Accelerator Package

In just 2 weeks, quickly interpret any data set in your business to showcase new insights and reporting back to your business.

In this short timeframe, we can visualise your data set by creating a proof of concept data model for your business, a working data dashboard and reports you can use immediately.

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Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning is making significant improvements to human communication in ways that seemed impossible over a decade ago. Innovative tools are able to enhance businesses by uncovering entirely new ways of creating and distributing value to customers.

At ClearPoint, we are passionate about AI and helping businesses innovate and build clever customer experiences.

ClearPoint is a member of the AI Forum NZ, supporting the conversation and learning around the practical application of artificial intelligence in business.

AI and machine learning

Why ClearPoint

We combine the right platforms, with the best design and engineering expertise, to deliver innovative digital solutions.

We are the leaders in DevOps and Continuous Delivery in NZ, having implemented some of the most complex DevOps transformations.

We increase the velocity within your teams through our individual talent, hybrid and ClearPoint teams that will increase your capability, when you need it.

Exceptional technical leadership that you can draw upon to innovate and deliver faster and safer.

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