We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver software & platforms for our clients.

Delivery is where the rubber meets the road as we move from ideas and prototypes into real working software. Our key focus is strong engineering and the ability to move fast, whilst maintaining a high level of quality through automation and DevOps practices.

Solution Architecture

Modern solution architecture is key to designing systems to be reliable, scale and most importantly be open to change. Our architecture principles always look to modern best practices with regards to designing in-line with DevOps/CD and loose coupling of components.

We are technology agnostic and always ensure the right technology or pattern is selected for the right purpose. This includes cloud architecture and infrastructure design across multiple cloud providers.

Software Engineering

We understand the importance of a strong engineering culture. It’s this culture that forms the backbone of any high performing software delivery team.  We can provide outcome-based delivery with a team of high performing software engineers, or make a combined team, mixing our engineers with yours.

With any software delivery, making the right key decisions is fundamental to getting the right outcomes. From containerisation on the cloud to artificial intelligence, we are confident to provide high-quality software for our clients.

DevOps & Continuous Delivery

All digital business needs to move faster, be adaptable to exponentially changing markets and continuously improve on their customer experiences with the ability to rapidly respond to feedback.

DevOps and Continuous Delivery practices are essential to building digital solutions. ClearPoint is the market leader in continuous delivery. We have been working with these practices for many years and continuously work to evolve and push the boundaries.

With the focus on infrastructure and test automation and cross-functional teams, we can enable these practices in your company to raise the level.

Test Automation

ClearPoint builds modern test automation frameworks to accelerate digital delivery. This lowers risk and increases confidence in software quality. Key services we provide to our clients include:

  • Test automation assessments
  • Test automation tool selection
  • Functional test automation engineering for Web, Mobile and API services
  • Test automation solutions to support continuous delivery and DevOps
  • Test data management solutions
  • Automated performance and load testing solutions

ClearPoint can also provide your business with quality test resources that will help you manage your projects to deliver faster and safer.

Cloud Enablement

Cloud enablement is not typically a case of lift and shift.  As partners with AWS, Google and Microsoft Azure, we work with you to understand your needs and can help you get the most out of complex cloud services.

Key areas to cloud architecture include selecting the best cloud services to meet your business objectives, whether that is Platform as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service or designing networking, security and elasticity to get the most cost-effective solutions.

Once your future cloud architecture is designed, we can automate the creation of your new environments so they are consistent, repeatable and easy to manage.

Infrastructure as code is an essential ingredient to your Continuous Delivery pipeline, and we will ensure that your cloud provider is the right fit for your needs.

Why ClearPoint

We find your perfect intersection between agility, product, data and technologies to create world-class customer experiences.

We build and manage complex digital products and platforms, and are the leaders in DevOps and CI/CD in NZ.

We coach teams to become expert at business agility to deliver faster and safer.

We have an unmatched network of exceptional talent you can draw upon to innovate and deliver.

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