DevOps Acceleration Package

We help organisations transform through DevOps, cloud and automation.

Looking to drive DevOps throughout your business?We can accelerate your ways of working, technology and culture inside and outside your digital teams. ClearPoint will guide you with our leading DevOps expertise.

Struggling with your DevOps journey?
If you want to implement or improve DevOps in your business, we will get you started with a structured process tailored to your business.

Product quality issues and time to market challenges?
If you are unable to iterate fast, there are too many bugs in production which affects your customer experience, we will help you build and deliver quality products faster and safer.

Want to optimise your applications in the cloud?
The cloud is a real enabler for DevOps practices. If you want to move and optimise your applications in the cloud, we can help you with re-engineering, enabling automation, modern architecture and “cloud-native” approaches, all aligned to DevOps best practice.

Worried about cyber security?
With ever-increasing cyber risk, it’s important to bake security into your applications and shift left with DevSecOps and automation practices.

Our Approach

1. Awareness:
We set up an awareness programme to get everyone in your business on the DevOps journey. You will gain a common understanding of what DevOps is and how it will accelerate benefits for your customers, business and teams. We help build a vision, show you the path to get there and explain the key enablers.
This stage includes 3 sessions:
Session One
Transform with DevOps for business and tech
Session Two
Technical tools and engineering practices
Session Three
Ways of working and introduction to customer focused product mindsets


  • Understanding of DevOps concepts
  • Clear vision of modern software engineering practices
  • Understanding of DevOps tooling
  • Appetite for your teams to get involved
  • Learn more across tech and business and what the journey ahead looks like
  • Understanding of how to bridge the gap between business and IT in transformations
2. Assessment:
We will complete a DevOps assessment to analyse your current business status. This will show how your organisation benchmarks against best practice standards.
We will interview all your teams, look at your code, dive into your infrastructure and quality practices, review your boards and tickets, and how you release to customers.
We join your standups, uncover the dark debt in your systems, find things you can’t see and will paint the full picture of how your people, process and technology are working together.


  • DevOps maturity report
  • Overview of your current culture, agile maturity, engineering practices, QA and infrastructure state
  • Understanding of key themes to be addressed
3. Actions:
We review the findings of your assessment, agree the areas of focus and set clear measurable objectives. It’s important to not try and change too much at once.
With clear objectives, we enable the teams to try their ideas and solutions and find the best path to the objective. We plan small iterations so as not to impact the BAU and we are in the best position to understand the incremental improvements made by each change.


  • DevOps implementation roadmap
  • Skillset recommendations
  • Technology recommendations based on your technical capability
  • Ways of working recommendations to improve agile maturity and culture in your teams
4. Accelerate:
Based on the DevOps implementation roadmap, this is when changes will occur. If you’re missing the capabilities needed for change, we can provide you with leading ClearPoint specialists and get DevOps best practices working in your organisation.
We will coach your people and upskill your teams to move them through this journey. This phase is incremental, measured and purposeful.
There are typically multiple streams of work across various key capabilities. We will guide your people through the changes, with as little disruption as possible.


  • Established key DevOps practices based on roadmap
  • Onboard key capabilities needed to reach objectives
  • Upskilling of the technical teams in Continuous Delivery and DevOps
  • Measurable improvement against the key software performance indicators
  • Improved organisational performance and culture
  • Once the iteration is complete, we review and plan the next action *

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Why ClearPoint

We have a proven track record in delivering large, complex DevOps transformations for NZ organisations. We take a practical approach to your transformation journey, with less talk and more action.

We are passionate about building high performance digital teams through coaching, upskilling and applying modern engineering practices.

We ensure that you have the best ways of working (what you build and how you build it) and help you foster the best culture for success.

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