Whether you are new to Salesforce, migrating from another partner or enhancing your existing solution, ClearPoint can help you be successful with Salesforce

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Why ClearPoint?

  • ClearPoint has more than twenty years of experience in CRM leadership, app and software development and risk reduction strategy across New Zealand’s largest enterprises including financial services, and retail organisations.
  • ClearPoint are experts in custom implementations as we know that it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ approach, so we’ll work with you on a tailored solution.
  • ClearPoint can take ownership of end-to-end initiatives that extend beyond the Salesforce solution, including design, architecture and more.
  • ClearPoint can help you scale your Salesforce team faster and introduce our best-in-market DevOps approach into your organisation.
Free discovery call with a Salesforce expert

Why Salesforce?

Feeling like you don’t have a 360 degree view of your customers? Losing revenue or seeing low levels of customer satisfaction, and don’t know why?

It’s essential to know your customers. Salesforce is a key platform in the full tech ecosystem that can solve these issues for many organisations, but it’s one that many aren’t using to the best of its ability. So how do you fix that?

Our free adoption guide can help you with common adoption problems and ensure you get on the right track.

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Choosing the right CRM for your business

It’s an investment that could be with you for many years, so it’s critical to ensure that you make the right decision. Here are 15 questions to ask yourself before committing to a CRM solution for your organisation.

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Industry solutions

Financial services

With more than twelve years of working with financial services organisations, including banking, investment management, insurance and wealth, our team has a comprehensive understanding of specific industry needs, helping you achieve success.

We’re experts in increasing customer retention, while managing the industry’s unique risks and compliances via stringent automated processes – including KYC & AML.

Retail industry

We’ve worked with New Zealand’s leading retailers to strengthen their customer success. We’ll help you use Salesforce to enhance customer service, implement automation and introduce customer self-service.

Our expert team knows how to leverage Salesforce’s extensive features to help B2B and B2C organisations meet their eCommerce needs, including custom, consumer-facing apps and user experiences that leverage the power of your Salesforce data.

What we offer

Reimagine your business potential with ClearPoint and the power of Salesforce. Regardless of where you are on your Salesforce journey, we have a package that can help you grow, or we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Getting started packages

Salesforce Adoption Health Check

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Salesforce System Health Check

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Migration Assessment

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Rapid Start

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Custom implementation

Have you got specific requirements that are a bit ‘outside the box’? We know that not all organisations are alike, and you’ll likely need a solution that’s tailored precisely to your needs. We’re experts at custom implementation, and can help you implement or enhance Salesforce to your exact requirements.

  • We’ll start with a discovery phase to understand your objectives, and create a plan that suits your budget.
  • Then, we work collaboratively to define a MVP (minimum viable product), as well as areas for future enhancement.
  • We’re flexible in the way we work – so we can take full responsibility for the project, or we can work together with your existing team.
  • If you need help scaling, we can also provide our Salesforce talent to be part of your project team.
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How else can we help your business?

Application Lifecycle Management - Managed service

Salesforce Admin as a Service

Salesforce Talent - Scale your team faster & easier

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