Support and Optimise your Salesforce solution

We help existing Salesforce customers maximise their investment

What We Offer

Our support and optimisation packages are for organisations that already have Salesforce. We meet your needs, whether you self-manage or want to move existing implementations from another partner to ClearPoint.

Our mission at ClearPoint is to ensure your success. We want your Salesforce experience to be well-managed and have a backlog or roadmap for the future.

How we get involved depends entirely on your needs. Ultimately, we aim for your end-user to have a standout experience. Take advantage of our Salesforce experties as we implement systems that resolve issues quickly and see that your solution is internally well-adopted and evolves overtime.

Our Packages

1. Application Lifecycle Management – Managed service

Support, maintenance and minor enhancements of existing Salesforce solution across its lifecycle.

How it works?
Managed service option cost: Include a set amount of hours per month as well as a level of proactive maintenance.

Bronze option: Lowest level of cover, reactive support without a monthly committed fee.

Silver option: Active and proactive management supported with a base level of allocated hours per month. We maintain a small backlog of enhancements that we will implement overtime. We’ll also optimise your investment in Salesforce and work to keep adoption levels up.

Gold option: High level of engagement. Supported by a high level of service delivery, including a larger allocation in the backlog so your systems continually evolve and improve.

Cost: Varies by option level, starting at no commitment

Annual contract with easy cancel


2.  Salesforce Admin as a Service

We work with you to manage common Salesforce administrative tasks, including helping you become admin self-sufficient, if desired.

Our Salesforce Admin plan includes:

  • Flexible commitment periods for required the hours of admin support per month
  • A Certified Salesforce Admin as your primary point of contact.
  • Access to ClearPoint’s focused team of Salesforce consultants, developers and experts
  • Support for the Sales, Service and Community Clouds
  • Salesforce administrator training and support

Example activities:

  • Managing users and troubleshooting Salesforce errors
  • Making changes and updates to page layouts and field
  • Configuring and maintaining standard Salesforce processes
  • Creating and modifying workflow automation
  • Managing ongoing data imports, and data hygiene
  • Supporting the Sales, Service and Community Clouds
  • Salesforce administrator training and support

Cost: Depending on the amount of time required

Duration: Monthly periods as agreed


3. Salesforce Talent - Scale your team faster & easier

We combine your existing team with top Salesforce talent to help you achieve your excellent outcomes.

You can choose between….

  • Individual talent: Under your direction, our people work within one of your existing teams.
  • Salesforce Squad or ClearPoint team: Our team works within an existing tribe, and we take responsibility for a subset of the desired outcome. We closely collaborate with your product owners to deliver the results.

Cost: Depending on skills and people required

Duration: Any


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Why ClearPoint

We combine the right platforms, with the best design and engineering expertise, to deliver innovative digital solutions.

We are the leaders in DevOps and Continuous Delivery in NZ, having implemented some of the most complex DevOps transformations.

We increase the velocity within your teams through our individual talent, hybrid and ClearPoint teams that will increase your capability, when you need it.

Exceptional technical leadership that you can draw upon to innovate and deliver faster and safer.