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What We Offer

We designed our Get Started packages to kickstart your Robotic Process Automation (RPA) journey with ClearPoint and UiPath. We will identify opportunities that RPA and automation can bring to your organisation.

Below are our packages for organisations new to UiPath and for organisations that already have UiPath.

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1: Business Case for RPA

We know what the C-suite and Boards want from a business case, so we will help you create one to get your RPA project started. We’ll articulate the true benefits, costs and expected returns to the Executive or Board.

This package will refine your high-level requirements and create a financially viable business case that quantifies the business value of RPA. This two to four-week package will give you a full report detailing your high-level requirements and scope to get an ROI business case.

We pull together your high-level requirements and scope to make you confident and board ready.

Package output: Workshop + High-level requirements list + ROI business case report.

Cost: $10-20k    |    Duration: 2-4 weeks


2: Automation Strategy

Automation promises to address many challenges facing organisations today by reducing costs, increasing efficiency and creating a 24/7 virtual workforce. However, successfully implementing RPA requires more than just the purchase of a robot. You need a strategy that aligns with your goals and objectives. 

An organisation-wide automation vision including how an RPA Center of Excellence (CoE) can assist in the identification of the appropriate tools for tasks. 

Our focus is to help you identify how your organisation will identify, build, manage, run, engage and measure automation. We ensure that we engage employees throughout the process to increase buy-in.

Cost: $10-20k    |    Duration: 2-4 weeks


3: Business Process Proof of Concept

We can kick start your RPA journey, focusing initially on high value but low hanging automation. The goal is to automate part of one single process and to demonstrate early success and ROI creating a pathway for further automation in your organisation

This could be part of a finance process such as accounts payable, or another high-value business process.

Through the proof of concept, we will understand the process, then develop the automation for the process so it can be demonstrated wider into the organisation.

Output: Workshops + working UiPath PoC system + backlog of future work.

Cost: $10-15k    |    Duration: 2-3 weeks


4: Automation Audit/Health Check

How do you know if your existing UiPath/RPA solution is evolving in alignment with your business? Have you maximised your return on investment? Do you feel you are not getting value?

Have you just taken over responsibility for UiPath in your company and want to understand the state of play and uncover any risks to your success? 

We look at what are the current issues and risks for the organisation’s automation platform/programs/projects.

Our system audit / health check also aims to look at your UiPath solution from a system and technical perspective. Is it well maintained? Is it performing well? Is it configured to best practice?

Output: Workshops + solution review + “Action plan” summary report of risks, recommendations, time and cost estimates

Cost: $8k    |    Duration: 2 weeks


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