By Khush Sethi, Head of Talent and Culture and Eddy Kim, Practice Lead – Managed Resources

New Zealand is facing one of the worst IT skills shortages it has ever faced, and it could be a long time before things get any better. IT companies are busier than ever and having to cope with a shortage of talent across the industry. Here’s how ClearPoint manages to find and retain the most talented people in the industry.

A skills shortage like never before

The market has never been as competitive as it is today – particularly with closed borders and an increase in demand for tech talent. As New Zealand businesses switch to remote working, increase their online presence and enhance technology capability, this puts pressure on skill requirements. Shortage of talent is more pressing than ever before, even in roles that were traditionally easier to fill (let alone highly specialised roles).

How ClearPoint attracts and retains the absolute best talent 

At ClearPoint, we pride ourselves on our world class recruitment strategy, which has ensured, over the years, that we attract and retain the absolute best talent in the country. Our learnings over the years and established processes can be replicated in your business to ensure you attract and retain the best talent – here’s how we do it.

  • Time Conscious: An employee’s journey with ClearPoint begins before they even become part of the team. We have fine-tuned the recruitment process to cut down on the time it takes to attract the right staff. Our interview process is short and sweet, generally consisting of two meetings and one technical assessment. This stems out of respect for people’s time.
  • Full Transparency: From then on, we keep in close contact with the candidates, keeping people updated throughout their recruitment journey, with transparency and expectations set right from the start.
  • Detailed Onboarding: After recruitment, comes the onboarding process, which we have  designed to empower our staff and make them feel as valued. This is done through a number of initiatives such as a buddy system to help them navigate the usual intricacies of starting a new position.
  • Continuous Growth: Through their time with ClearPoint, staff are given continuous opportunities for growth, with a significant training allowance among other ways of upskilling and moving forward in their career. Keeping staff motivated and focusing on what they want for their career direction is key to staff retention. The days of free pizza and table tennis as staff incentives are over – people demand, and deserve, more.
  • Respectful Offboarding Experience: Finally, we also give any outgoing staff members a good offboarding experience where we ask for feedback during the exit interview. That feedback is then reviewed by our senior leadership team and if necessary, changes are implemented to ensure we continue to improve the experience for our staff.

This complete, well-rounded recruitment journey ensures we have not just an excellent retention rate but also a great return rate, with many people who have left us to pursue other career moves returning to ClearPoint later on. We call them our alumni and we are proud to welcome them back.

Permeating it all is the paramount value of mutual respect. Respect for the person’s time, respect for their career and their goals, and for their wellbeing. Everyone in our team is an expert in their field and they are treated as such. Check out some of the benefits and variety of roles that we’re recruiting for on our careers page here.

How we can help you bridge the skills gap

By hiring and retaining the absolute best skills in the country, ClearPoint is perfectly positioned to help partners and customers tackle this skills shortage too. With ClearPoint, you get the right people to get the job done.

We can help customers bridge their skills gap through providing individual talent, a hybrid team or a full ClearPoint team to support customer projects. Whatever your objectives, ClearPoint can provide the enterprise-quality skills you need to deliver world-class digital experiences.

Does your business need support to achieve more? Here are the three ways that we support businesses with talent:

  • Individual Talent: Our individual talent can help you complete the team you need when you need it based on project and business needs. Our people are experts in advanced and specialised design and digital technology so businesses benefit from highly specialised skills that they may not have inhouse or available for full time hire.
  • A Hybrid Team: A hybrid team combines the right people from ClearPoint with people from your staff, who work together as one super cross functional team whilst being overseen by ClearPoint’s technical leadership. This approach is designed to scale quickly and provide high velocity of outcomes as it takes advantage of efficient ways of working and specialised expertise. (Check out how we helped IAG deliver digital initiatives faster, with the help of a hybrid team.)
  • A ClearPoint Team: We can provide a full ClearPoint outcomes-based team or squad of developers which is an independent, self-contained team that works alongside your people and within your business to get the job done.

Regardless of which structure is right for you, we consistently provide high-quality people who enhance existing work and upskill your people.

Are you struggling to find the right skills for your business? Contact us today to find out how ClearPoint can help you fill the gap.